Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Cat of a Different Color

These cats weren't born this way: they were painted, and it costs 15,000 dollars to get this done. And every three months, their owners pay $15,000 more to get it redone after their fur has grown out. Is it real, or an elaborate hoax? You can decide that for yourself. But if it is real, these owners are paying top dollar so the neighborhood cats can laugh, "Look at Fluffy. What a weirdo!"

Friday, March 28, 2008


Hey, it’s me, Invisible Turtle. If you read Ananka’s blog (can be found at then you might recognize me, as I usually try and post random, rambling comments that somehow or another relate to the matters of the blog. I have also once or twice commented on Fang’s blog.
But now I got my own one, and I am stoked (which is a old word! Yay old words!) so you might be wondering who I am.
I am an invisible turtle. Seriously…
You don’t believe me? Too bad!
In addition to being an invisible turtle, I can fly, type, talk, and know random assorted facts of wonder!