Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why Women Stay Out of Science

By now we all know that the majority of people in scientific fields are men. Technology and the like were traditionally jobs held by men (technically, most jobs were, seeing as women were supposed to stay home and entertain guests). This might partially be because of toys. Yes, toys. While the commercials for boys' toys often focus on how technological they are (sometimes being the main point of the toy) girls' toys are advertised as being magical. For example, toys that are meant to behave like animals will be heavily advertised as being robotic, with motion sensors, voice sensors, and things like that. Baby dolls 'magically' drink from the bottle, wet themselves, and respond to your voice.
With this kind of advertising, boys might be interested in robotics at a young age, and girls wouldn't think about it until junior high or high school, and will likely pursue a career they've known about longer. There will be more men in technological fields than women, and advertisers will take notice of this.
When was the last time you saw 'Barbie the Computer Programmer' or something like that?
But if you seriously find one, please tell me.