Sunday, July 13, 2008

Make a Language!

By far better than codes, languages make it much harder to crack your secret messages, and you can use them out loud. But learning French or Spanish might backfire, as other people know them. So why not make one that only you and your trustworthy associates know? This is a great help, though last time I checked the server was down. Wikihow has several helpful articles. I suggest looking at a couple and combining them.


Random Irregular said...

One way I know is to add a letter either at the beginning or the middle of each word. It's kind of difficult, but can get used to it.

Example: The K language would be
Ki, kat's kappening?
(I've replaced the first letter's by the letter k)

Zodiac girls said...

Yes I tend to speak in my own language like....
Brineir leneis bollhaln zalplin Which means go invisible turtle cronicles and on the computer I hit alt option (I have a mac so it might not work if you don't) while I am typing and this is what I get ∫®ˆ˜´ˆ® ¬´˜ˆ´ß  ∫ø¬¬˙嬘 Ωåπ¬ˆ˜ 

liltomboyblue11;) said...

I've done stuff like this before... does anyone here know Pig Latin? I know it, and if your fast it's hard for inexperianced ears to understand.

example (it's the same thing as my first sentence, only in pig latin) : Iyay avehay ondey ufstay ikelay isthay eforebay... oesday yoneanyay erehey owkna igpay atinlay?

Hazel said...

Have you read Emily of New Moon, by L. M. Montgomery? She tries to make a language with her friend and then gets in a big fight about grammar. GRAMMAR!!!
If I make a language, it won't have any grammar at all.

liltomboyblue11;) said...

Hazel: Ha ha! Same here.