Wednesday, April 16, 2008

#2 'A Bold Code'

Please excuse the lame pun, but this code involves using a bold font (or retracing the letters so they are bolder if you are writing). First you need to come up with a code. Below I have one. The stars are for none-bold print, the B's are for bold letters.

A=***** G=**BB* M=*BB** S=B**B* Y=BB***
B=****B H=**BBB N=*BB*B T=B**BB Z=BB**B
C=***B* I=*B*** O=*BBB* U=B*B**
D=***BB J=*B**B P=*BBBB V=B*B*B
E=**B** K=*B*B* Q=B**** W=B*BB*
F=**B*B L=*B*BB R=B***B X=B*BBB

Now let's say I wanted to tell my friend 'I have your book.' First I need to write a long and pointless message I can fit my code into. Since I have thirteen letters in my message, I need to multiply that by five to get a code that needs sixty-five letters or more.

The math homework is pages sixteen to twenty-seven, but only the even problems. I suggest you do the odd ones because you can check your work in the back.

Punctuation can count, but you can't tell if a space is bold, so just get rid of those in your head.

The math homework is pages sixteen to twenty-... and so on. Be warned this code takes a while or I would have done the whole message. It's also hard (for me) to keep track of which letter you're on.


Morela said...

Thanks for writing this.