Monday, April 21, 2008


I first realized I had a gift when I was in second grade. I liked to read books during class, and when the teacher tried to catch me by asking a question I could answer it! I have absolutely no idea where I got this gift, because some people I'm related to can sit in the same room of a conversation doing nothing and still not hear it. So here are some tips to get your eavesdropping up to date.

1.Dress for the occasion. Blend. Or, if the person you're trying to get info from is moving, you could always dress up like a jogger for an excuse to run around (so if they try the old walk-in-a-circle thing you'll have an excuse to do the same)

2. Don't be afraid of the dark. Or small spaces. If you're in a house with children, you'll even have an excuse if you're found. Say you're playing hide-and-seek and then go do it (in case the children are asked conversationally). Even better, play hide-and-seek, then hide wherever an interesting conversation is being held.

3. mp3s are your friends! All you need is an iPod in your ears to make the world think you aren't part of it. For a bonus, you can bob your head and pretend to mouth out the song.

You can find step-by-step instructions here, and here.


Nellie said...

MP3 thingy is smart!!

Hazel said...

You don't even need an mp3 player if you have earphones hanging out of you sweater...but weight/pin them down so they don't slide out.

Invisible Turtle said...

Books might also work, but not as much because you can still hear if you have a book.

Hazel said...

Sorry, I didn't mean hanging out, I just meant coming out.

ss chick said...

man, thats so unfair. I'm constantly getting caught reading in class. why you and not me? use your power for spying. trust me, it will come in handy. and also, thanks for the tips! ipods are definetly a "i'm not listning" device. LLK!!! ( <-long live kiki)