Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Strange Proposals

After reading an article about a guy who sent his girlfriend a hacked game of "Bejeweled" that would ask her to marry him when she got to a certain score (she said yes) I decided to do a little internet research on other strange ways people have proposed marriage. Here is one of my favorites:

A guy who had met his girlfriend through photography hid a picture of himself kneeling with a ring in a bouquet.

This one speaks for itself. I couldn't cut it down:

He is in the Navy Reserve and asked me to come to the reserve center to help out with a "change of command" rehearsal in the morning. I went and it seemed like I really served no purpose!

After it was over, his chief came over to me and asked if I new a certain young man by the name of Jerry. I said of course. He said, "Well he is kind of a chicken and needs our help."

Then he called him over. Jerry got down on his knee and pulled out a little black box from his uniform pocket. Then the entire unit said out loud, "Will you marry him?!"

It was so cute! Oh, and I said yes of course!! They got it all on video, too.

I just thought some of them were kind of clever.


Nellie said...

HA!! That reminds me of something I saw on TV once-this man and this womane get pulled over in their car. The cop says:
"Driver, get out of car. Passenger, get out of car. Driver and passenger, face each other. Driver, get down on one knee. Driver, propose to passenger."
The woman screamed.
(I don't think I got the policeman's words quite right.)