Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Underground America Day!

I was searching underground cities on, and look what came up! A cool holiday that was only days away! If you click here you will find a web page dedicated to this wonderful day, including ways to celebrate.
Me? I'm going to *try* to bury my house. Or listen to a conversation through the earth.

On the subject of underground, there are actually houses that are built underground. Or, more correctly, INTO the ground. These houses may be able to slow down overpopulation (according to my brain which is not always correct) because we can go in BOTH directions now, up and down.
The interesting thing is that you don't need an air conditioner if you build it in the desert because the natural movement of the air through your front and back "door" (hole) will cool you off. Go green! Or, at least, brown!


Blane said...

Hey, yo, I LOVE Maximum Ride, too!! I just CAN NOT WAIT for the movie!!!!!

Muslim Irregular said...

i've heard of underground houses. that's cool, a holiday for that!!!

Random Irregular(who is too lazy to sign in) said...

I did a project on Underground Dwellings(Coober Pedy and Derinkuyu)
That's a fabulistic holiday you have there in the US.

Invisible Turtle said...

I think all the 'national' days should be made international, like national chocolate chip day (except maybe not stuff like Independance days (though we do celebrate Cinco de Mayo in america, which is when they won an important battle or something in Mexico (how come america doesn't celebrate the turning point in the revolutionary war? (how many parenthesis can you use in one sitting?))))