Friday, May 23, 2008

Stop in the Name of the Law!

If you’re looking to stop a crime but can’t find anything, try stopping such odd and obscure crimes such as:

Removing rocks from the state of Hawaii,

Someone playing dominoes on Sunday in Alabama,

Someone throwing pickle juice on a trolley in Rhode Island,

Or someone singing in the bathtub in Pennsylvania (though, please, just overhear them!)

To make sure you aren’t breaking any laws in your state (or just laugh your head off) go here.


nellie said...

Haha. Apparently you aren't allowed to take a lion to the movies in Maryland. Does that mean I broke the law that time I was visiting my friend?

Hazel said...

And I read that somewhere it's illegal to ride a donkey down Main Street on a Sunday while wearing a straw hat. xD

Muslim Irregular said...

someone singing in the bathtub in Pennsylvania?????

i don't live in any of those places.

where i live, it's so boring that nothing ever happens. no crimes whatsoever to stop.

well, except, once some people got caught for dealing drugs.

and there was something about gas stations mixing gasoline and diesal.

but still, where i live it's plenty bo-ring.

Anonymous said...

i'm getting the feeling some of those laws are wrong.

i have caller ID, and i do live in CA. and we bought mouse traps (the kind that traps them without causing any pain) so we could catch our runaway hamsters without needing to have a hunter's license.

liltomboyblue11;) said...

i think that website might be a little messed up. probably most are true, but it kept repeating stuff

Invisible Turtle said...

Yeah, that kind of annoyed me.