Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Not-so-Friendly Ghost

Anyone who’s read the Kiki Strike books will know how to summon a ‘ghost’ in their house. The following post could, I guess, be considered ‘extended reading’ on how to get your friends and family to finally believe in ghosts.

Pictures with Moving Eyes
There are two ways to get the eyes of your pictures to move. The first is to build a secret room behind your picture, cut the eyes out, and hire someone to stand behind it. The second is far less conspicuous. You’ll need a frame and a copy of your picture. The deeper the frame is the better. The first thing you need to do is cut out the eyes and put your photo in place. Then draw eyes on a piece of sturdy paper so the eyes would be inside the cut-out holes if the picture were placed up to the photograph. This might take a few tries. If you want to use the original eyes just glue them onto the dots. Fold the edges of the paper like this:

And glue it to the back of your photo. Then put the frame back together and place it in the room!

Appliances Acting Weird
Look online for objects that are remote controlled, such as radios or lights. Then hide your remote somewhere you can get to it inconspicuously and ‘help’ your ghost at work. If you can’t buy these, you can always set your television to a channel with static beforehand and use that remote, or speed dial your number using a cell phone.

Messages from Beyond the Beyond
If you don’t want to write on mirrors or over heaters, why not write in BLOOD? An easy way to replicate blood is to mix water with ketchup (though you can try any red substance or buy fake blood). It won’t fool anyone who tries to do a DNA test on it, but it should suit your purpose.
If you have Microsoft Word or another application on your computer with autocorrect, you can take your haunting to a whole new level. Choose a name, place, or something that might be significant to your ‘ghost’ and tell the computer to replace the word with something along the lines of ‘help’ or ‘get out.’ Make sure you have an explanation as to why you typed this word if your target asks.